Why Swap ?


IT COMES DOWN TO choice, AND AS A consumer YOU GET TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE BASED ON WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE AND THE PLANET. There is a bit of a blind spot in understanding what we are applying to our skin everyday , and Im hoping to educate and inspire a change in this space.

With seeing a massive shift in overall health and well being, many people are taking the time to be mindful when it comes to food, exercise and lifestyle changes. The next step up in improving that lifestyle, is to pivot the way you use and think of the beauty products that are being applied everyday. Observing what’s being absorbed into our bodies and understanding what is being digested into our earth. When you begin to use these products that work with the body’s natural rhythm, the benefits and overall peace of mind are unbeatable.

After all, our skin is our largest organ and on average we are applying 10+ products on a daily basis. It has been proven that approximately 60-70% of these chemically formulated ingredients sink directly into your bloodstream causing havoc on our internal organs. Many of the toxic ingredients found in mainstream beauty products can be linked to conditions such as severe allergies, skin outbreaks, hormonal disruption, cancers, impaired organ function, and reproductive interference in both women and men. And although companies claim these synthetic ingredients are safe to use in small legal doses, we forget we are applying them daily, on top of or with other products. Can you imagine what is going on inside our beautiful bodies, and the stresses it must face in order to rid of what is not natural after long term use. There is a multitude of studies showing the side effects of these chemicals and the affects on our bodies from being found in breast cancer tissue, to unborn babies umbilical cords and in present skin irritations themselves.  

As a consumer you have the right to know, that the products you use are safe, but unfortunately the cosmetic industry is kind of a Big Grey Area. Unregulated, and allowing companies to concoct whatever they feel is right for the market and selling to the consumer through advertising techniques, aka green washing. For example… Coca Cola formulating a “healthy” version of coke, producing a green can that is labelled natural. Or beauty brands stating “natural” on the front of a soap or perfume that has .05% natural ingredients in it’s formula. We really hold our trust in labels, but with a quick investigation, I’m sure you’d be surprised to find the truth behind the those happily ever after promises. Flip that product over and have a read of the ingredient list.

It’s overwhelming, I get it! Long names, that are unreadable and let’s be honest hard to pronounce. But if You’d ponder about ingesting those ingredients if they were served to you on a plate, what shifts the mind to think it’s alright to apply it elsewhere on the body? It really is like food for your skin – think Junk Food vs Real Food. Everything our body absorbs and digest impacts the way we function and feel.

So WHY make the swap?

- For your Overall Health and Wellbeing. You will honestly feel better from within. Think long term – There is no quick fix when it comes to your health, you are with your body and your skin for life. This is a form of self Care, Self Love, and self respect.

Supporting sustainable brands that are doing good in the world. From the manufacturing, to the delivery, the company ethos, and the packaging. It is taking a conscious awareness, creating new practices and being mindful. Choose conscious decisions over convenience. With each purchase made, you’re backing all of the above.

Animal Cruelty is still being practiced widely throughout the cosmetic industry. How awful is it that these precious creatures are being used to test out harmful toxic chemicals. Even brands that state they are cruelty free, may still supply to international countries like China who then test that product on animals.

- Our earth…Think beyond just our own bodies. There are so many repercussions from our everyday decisions that we’re making, that could be contributed in such a positive way. The cosmetic industry produces 30-40% of total waste in the world…how do we make this less?

And WHERE do you start?

Start small and think of what you use the most entirely on yourself i.e Soap (link here for a great replacement). Remove what you are currently using on your hands and in the shower, and then think what could be next…deodorant…then foundation. Step by step you can replace and start new or go ahead and do a clean swipe.

THINK DIRTY; A fantastic app to help you do the dirty work. You can search or scan any product to retrieve an easy to understand overview of the ingredients and rating from 1-10 on the toxicity levels. Highly recommend downloading this and having a look into what you are currently using. They even guide you to alternatives. LINK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP. 

Remember that going cruelty free doesn't mean compromising results. With my help, I’m hoping to support this transition into choosing natural beauty products and make it a breeze. Here on the site you will find informative information on swaps that are tested, trailed and reviewed. Quality over quantity has always been a core value of mine, and I want to share this with you when building your new routine. It is a lifestyle change, and we all know these don’t happen over night, but it is something to work on and become in tune with.

Being aware is the first step, and then it takes implementing these thoughts into actions. If you have half of your favourite concealer left or you just bought a new mascara, use these up, recycle the containers and make that first step to purchasing your green alternative. You can gradually build up replacements one by one or start entirely from a clean slate. And going green doesn't mean breaking the bank either, you can definitely do this on a budget. You have a wide range to choose from, and get excited about your positive contribution to yourself and your planet.

A few tips on where to find these online and locally in NZ/AU. Click here

Ingredients: What to look for in your products and what to avoid. Click here

& Remember to love the skin you're in.

Niki x