Change of Season: Autumn/ Winter Skin

Image via Pintrest - NZ Model Zippy Seven

Image via Pintrest - NZ Model Zippy Seven

Tis the change of season. Feeling that warm air soften to a fresher snap of a temperature drop and watching colours shift into warm deep tones of burnt oranges, earthy khaki greens, toasted beige and crimson reds. Cozing up to a cuppa AM and PM, and trying to catch up on some much needed sleep we missed during the summer sun hours. Adapting to a new season can be so refreshing and restorative - time to bring out the winter woolies, hot water bottles and wind down into the cooler months.

Not only do we see these environmental changes in nature around us, but it is evident our bodies go through these changes as well. If left to our own devices, we would gladfully keep on keeping on with the same routine, but adjusting to our skin conditions with the change of season, usually entails mixing things up with our daily cosmetic go to’s.

As a comparison in nature, tree leaves begin to fall and turn brittle because of the change in climate, just like our skin becomes slightly more sensitive and fragile to the cool dehydrated air. Dry, cracked, rough, red and flaky might be a few of the symptoms we face. That summer glow may fade away, and feel somewhat lack lustre, and blood circulation may need a bit of a boost from the winter ill’s and chills. Giving in to the fact we have less day light and more likely to be indoors next to the heater, than outside lapping in the warm sunshine and sunsets is just the way the cookie crumbles.

But with supportive, nourishing products we can aid to our skins concerns during this time of transition and bring strength and balance. Pamper your skin with the care that it deserves and re-think winter time as a good re-fresher.

I cant help with the sunshine factor, but I CAN help with making the swap to some incredible winter self care products that will tie you over until the turn around of spring time.

  1. Renewing Night Conditioners - Feeling like you want something a bit extra? Think of these little ampules as a multi vitamin dose for your skin. Just like our internals, our externals sometimes need all the extra support they can get. The intensive treatment conditioners are just that. Prepared in a 50x pack for you to take the course over the skin cell turn over time - 28 days. Boosting regeneration, helping balance dryness, oils, or congestion and giving the skin a chance to breath freely and work rhythmically with your system. Renewing Night Conditioners normalise the skins functions and stimulates its natural renewal processes. Composed of highly concentrated gemstones, minerals and plant extracts, Applied at night time as your last beauty step!

  2. Soothing Cleansing Milk - Gentle, soft, and moisturising whilst cleaning your skin thoroughly. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types from sensitive, dry to oily. The smell alone is as clean as your skin will feel.

  3. Rose Day Cream - A beautiful rich, hydrating cream that offers the benefits of nourishing rose to help with any sensitivities and protection against the daily environmental factors of cold winds and rain. 33 Rose buds in each tube, all hand picked and harvested from the gardens of WALA in Germany. Dr. Hauschka uses the whole pant to construct this divine cream. The leaves, stem and the petals. Yes please! Rose is also a symbol of Self love…The luxurious scent not only shifts your mood but alters your overall feeling of well being and love. Other moisturiser recommendations here.

3. Rice Powder Bronzer - Finely pressed powder that adds the perfect amount of bronze to your face without the harmful rays of the sun. The rice starch helps combat any excess oils, and the dual tone bronzer matches perfectly to any skin tone. It is buildable, looks el natural, and can be worn as an eyeshadow too. Subtly adding a hint of sunshine all year round, it is an everyday staple.

4. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C - the purest form of vitamin c one can find. Lypo-Spheric vitamin C can be taken daily as an immune booster supplement. It honestly works whenever I feel a cold welcoming itself in, these little pocket rockets do the trick to fight against flu. Being a liquid form, the body easily digests the formula straight into the blood stream. Best taken on an empty stomach morning and night. Vitamin C also does wonders for your skin, giving collagen a boost, preventing fine lines and brightening your complexion.

5. Eco Tan Winter Skin - A soft natural tan always lifts the spirts. Eco Tan have formulated a clean non toxic self tanner that is easy to apply, buildable and looks as good as a few days at the beach. Best applied to clean dry skin, Eco Tan is stay proof, fool proof and gives you a glow whilst moisturising the skin. Vegan, using certified natural and organic ingredients, and free from any synthetics that most main stream tanners contain. You want to lather your body in goodness - not plastic.

7. Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm - Soft, smooth, hydrated lips…hello! This little pot o gold contains the purest form of plant extracts like cocoa butter, calendula, silk, beeswax, and sunflower oil + so much more to promote skin renewal, flight against fine lines, and lock in moisture.

8. True Skin Serum Foundation - A beautiful light weight foundation that offers medium to light coverage, melting naturally on the skin to give a satin like appearance. Smoothing lines and evening tone, this foundation is good all year round, but especially great for the cooler months when you’re needing to brighten your complexion. Full of antioxidants and plant extracts, this foundation is stunning, free from nasties, and actually benefits your skin by hydrating and repairing free radical damage.

9. Sage Bath Essence - The best way to unwind from a cold or hectic day, the Hauschka bath essences take you to another world. The rich scents of sage and rosemary nurture aches and pains, whilst purifying the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Sage is used medicinally as a mood booster and also to help warm blood circulation - Perfect for winter time. Add this essence to a foot soak, bath, or in your sink as a compress (great for congested/ blemished skin that is in need of detoxification).

10. Weleda Skin Food - If you haven’t yet tried this wonder cream, I highly recommend adding this to your list. It is a rich cream that can be used multi ways. Smells amazing and does wonders!!!
Face (for dry/ normal skin - great as a makeup base blended outwards for a dewy look).
Feet - Cracked Dry Heels? This cream works at softening the skin. Contain organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe rough skin.
Body - Revitalising rosemary will boost dull complexions.
Nappie Cream for Babies
Nails - Dry cuticles or callused hands will be hydrated and soft.
Lip Mask
Dry Elbows or Knees

These calming extracts are gently blended with enriching sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond oils and waxes to provide a fine protective barrier against the ravages of wind and weather. Sweet orange and lavandula pure essential oils are included in the refreshing fragrance.

11. Huckleberry Basic Cream - Basically the best body moisturiser for winter. This is a basic cream that is rich but fluid and will keep your scaley skin at bay. Hypoallergenic, No fragrance, and non irritant. Leaves your skin feeling clean, strengthened and smooth.

12. RMS LIP 2 CHEEK - Love these little pots! A handbag staple to add a little colour to your lips and cheeks. Hydrating and protective, the shades are long wearing and can be made bold and bright or sheered down to a tint. So super easy to apply with the tips of your fingers and I love the wee container it comes in!

Hope you enjoy these winter clean beauty picks as much as I do.

Do you have any swaps for the season that you can’t do without? Please share!