Clean and SImple, FACIAL CLEANSERS ARE NECESSARY TO SOOTHE AND BALANCE YOUR FACIAL OILS WHILE REMOVING DIRT, DEAD SKIN CELLS, Excess Sebum, POLLUTION build up AND MAKE UP. Ultimately, allowing the skin to breathe and feel fresh. Healthy, Fresh, Luminous SKin starts with a good cleansing routine.

YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE cleansing MORNING/NIGHT, so IT IS BEST TO CHOOSE A face wash THAT IS AS GENTLE AND PURE AS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE A BALANCED clean canvas. Have you ever found that after cleansing, your skin feels tight and almost squeeky clean? Sadly, this is not what you want. The feeling of having tight new fresh skin is your skin screaming out for more moisture - most likely the skin has been stripped of its natural oils making it feel tight and dry. Not to worry, there are some great options out there for every skin type that do their job thoroughly and gently

What to watch out for: Preserving agents, Drying alcohols, Sulfates, and fragrance … These are a big NO from me when checking the ingredients As you simply don’t need them. Your beautiful skin is not designed to bare aggressive chemicals and these are due to so many skin sensitivities and irritations. You’d be shocked to know that some of these chemicals are used in home cleaning formulations and industrial car Cleaners.

Here are a few cleansers for each skin condition and type. packed with plant based ingredients that your skin can recognise, work with to deeply cleanse, and radiate new freshness.



A super star staple cleanser that is 2 in 1 for removing make up, as well as gently cleaning the face. The milky formulation is soft and silky, working to efficiently remove any dirt or sebum build up, whilst moisturising the skin. fantastic for sensitive skin types, and suitable for all others. This is even rated to use as a shaving cream!

Key plant Ingredients: ANthyllis helping to heal and repair, Jojoba Oil keeping the skin moisture levels balanced, Almond Oil and Apricot kernel oil high in vitamins A & E will lock in hydration.

Certified organic and vegan

Available from Farmers, smith and caugheys, or online here.


Ever Wondered about double cleansing? Why its important and if there are any benefits? Here is a fantastic coconut oil option for your first cleanse step.

Why choose an oil cleanser?

Keeping in mind the Like Likes Like concept, Oil cleansers are not only nourishing the skin, maintaining a super moisturised surface, but the oil helps to bind to any excess oil, makeup, or dirt that is sitting on the skins surface, which makes it easy to then remove with a warm face cloth. Have you ever tried to remove a foundation with just water? It will take much longer, with more aggression, causing over stimuli to the skin.

The most supier coconut oil sourced by RMS - this is like butter for your skin, that is 100% natural and pure. It smells incredible and you can feel the quality of this oil is like no other coco you’ve used before.

Once you have washed away any build up from the day, you can simply cleanse once more to really clean the skin. Coconut oil is also a multi product that is useful as a moisturiser and lip balm. Super food benefits of being anitbacterial, antimicrobial, and Antifungal mean your skin is protected, while the lipid barriers are staying Hydrated and soothed.

Best For All skin types (especially troublesome skin). Removing Makeup. Morning or Night cleanser. Body or face moisturiser. bath oil.

Certified organic and vegan

Available from MEcca Cosmetica


Plant powered. Dermatologist developed. radiant results.

This is a hypo allergenic Gelee cleanser for freshening the complexion.

leaving your skin feeling oh so clean, great for oily skin or for the months when you are outdoors and using sunscreen, Sweating slightly more than usual, or fantastic as that second step after an oil cleanse. can be used am/pm.

My favourite feature of this product, is that it has zero scent - no fragrance.

Formulated with Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to retain moisture, potent botanical extracts to gently cleanse and balance skin without irritating or dryness. Skin is left feeling clean, appearing clear, feeling smooth, and looking energised. Good for all skin types.

With ingredients of seaweed extract, rosehip oil, and grapefruit oil you cant go wrong. A little bit goes a long way and the bottle lasts months.

Plant based + Cruelty free

Available from MEcca Cosmetica