There is ONE FOR EVERY SKIN concern, MOISTURISER WILL WORK WITH THE SKIN’S NATURAL FUNCTIONS TO PLUMP, FIRM, HYDRATE, AND LOCK IN moisture whilst protecting your skin throughout the day.

yes day only! that means no cream or oil at night. why? I’ll explain further here. But going nude at night not only allows the skin to breath, but also supports optimal regeneration. we need to start thinking of cosmetic products as food for our skin, and would we be eating a full meal before bedtime? this time is necessary to allow our skin to metabolise and renew.


Dr, Hauschka Day Creams

One for each and every skin concern, hauschka has formulated seven lovely creams that make it hard to choose just one. in fact they recommend choosing a different option dependent on your skins concerns of that day or season.

hauschka is a firm believer that the skin is not just one type and that our primary focus should be on the concerns the skin is facing at that given time - each day is never the same right? that goes for our skin too.

You’re sure to never get bored with this brands fabulous options. High Quality plant extracts activate the natural moisture supply while essential oils and valuable waxes protectively pamper your skin without impairing its natural ability to breath.

Rose Day Cream - Nurtures, Protects, and Soothes. Rich and Delicious, for Dry Sensitive Skin. this cream is fantastic for skin with a tendency toward redness and enlarged capillaries.

Rose Day Cream Light - The daughter of the rose day cream. this formulation carries the same properties but in a lighter weight formula. Hydrates, harmonises and soothes sensitive skin against dryness, to support an even, balanced complexion. ideal daily moisturiser for sensitive, normal, dry or irritated skin.

Quince Day Cream - keeping normal balanced skin in the best state it can be. Quince hydrates and protects. This cream is a combo of Quince, jojoba, apricot and avocado. absolutely divine.

Melissa Day Cream - Balances combination sensitive skin. The melissa (lemon balm) plant guides skin to a natural balanced state. oily shine is mattified and dry spots, hydrated. beautiful fresh scent of lemon soothes skin, and the consistency is lightweight.

Revitalising Day Dream - Revives dehydrated combination Skin. oily through the t zone area? dry on the cheeks? Fine pores, dry skin, premature wrinkling, skin feels taut, tends to look pale? - This one is for you. The super lightweight milky formulation sinks into the skin, leaving a non greasy, revitalised appearance.

Clarifying Day Oil - balances Oily, blemish prone skin. Skin is guided to a balanced state. this super antioxidant oil sends signals to the skins membrane to reduce oil production. High quality ingredients of carrot, almond oil, calendula and neem nuture and balance, to help calm redness and inflammation. Large pores, oily appearance, skin blemishes? This is the day moisture for you. I like to mix a few drops (2-3) with my day cream when I know a few bumps are breaking out on my skin.

Regenerating Day Cream - mature skin that is facing Declining elasticity of the skin, wrinkling, increased dryness, may have persistent redness in cheeks / nose areas (visible blood vessels), menopause-induced age spots. The regen day cream is a beautiful combination to help refine and tone mature skin. Raspberry seed oil, shea butter and silica to name a few - these all support the skin momentum to regenerate on its own.


Goldfaden MD VItal Boost

An oil-free, lightweight moisturiser adding hydration, antioxidants and radiance to the skin.

flooded with vitamin D and antioxidants, serving to protect against free radical attacks that can cause premature aging.

The addition of hyaluronic acid retains moisture levels in skin whilst gooseberry extract leaves the complexion looking dewy, radiant and flawless. 

Available from Mecca Cosmetica stores and online here.


Weleda Skin Food

deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating, This heavenly product has been a goodie from way back - 1926 to be exact.

the formulation is An excellent barrier cream for those harsher environments facing cold weather snaps and dry climates. Does wonders for dry skin types, and this is an all around fantastic body product that can be used from your head down to your toes.

Certified 100% Organic and filled with nothing but goodness that leaves your skin instantly thanking you with shine. Star ingredients of chamomile and calendula, soothe and nourish any inflammation (great baby rash cream).

Remember less is more with this one. Warm product in hands firstly before applying to the face, working on your cheeks, chin and forehead (likely to be the driest areas). then moving outwards and down to your neck.

Beautiful as a make up base if you are trying to achieve a dewy natural glow. If it is too heavy for the entire face, pop a little on the cheek bones as a highlighter.

And awesome for dry body areas of your Lips, hands, elbows, knees or feet.

Available online from Ceres Organics, or in store at Huckleberry Wholefoods, FArmers, or any Weleda Stockists.